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J.J. Pan Publications

J.J. Pan Publications (1975 - 2005)

The complete series of the optical technology pioneer J.J. Pan's 188 publications are available upon request by contacting our

  • (Co-Author) “Novel Fiber Bragg Grating Fabrication Method by Precision Shutter Control”, Presented at SPIE 2003 Annual Meeting, Seattle, paper 4803-17
  • (Co-Author) “Application of Photorefractive Materials in Information Storage, Processing and Communication”, Optical Material, Vol. 23, Issues 1-2, July-Aug. 2003, pp 219-227
  • “Low cost, high efficiency, gain flattened L band EDFA using ordinary C band erbium doped fiber and FBG fiber laser pumping scheme”, presented at the 8th Opto Electronics and Communication Conference (OECC2003) Shanghai, China
  • “Fast transient control for coolerless diode pumped compact, gain flattened EDFA”, ibid
  • “Wideband, 50dB attenuation range liquid crystal based variable optical attenuator”, ibid
  • “Temperature insensitive open loop attenuation control of a liquid crystal based VOA”, ibid
  • “High channel count, low cost, multiplexed FBG sensor system”, ibid
  • “Novel FBG writing system with arbitrary amplitude and phase control”, ibid
  • “Accurate GFF manufactured by optical compensation monitoring method”, ibid
  • “Multi-channel FBG based dispersion slope compensator”, ibid