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Conference and Journal Papers

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"Thin films improve 50 GHz DWDM devices", Laser Focus World Magazine, May 2002

  • Thin films improve 50 GHz DWDM devices

    Author: J.J. Pan, Feng Qing Zhou and Ming Zhou

    Publication: Printed in Laser Focus World Magazine, May 2002, pp 111-116

    Abstract: The high performance and simple structure of 50 GHz thin-film filters provide an effective alternative to arrayed-waveguide-grating and fiber-bragg-grating technologies.

What are the main business opportunities for overseas firms in China?

  • Several western companies, such as Lucent, Nortel, and Alcatel, are selling high-speed multi-Gbit/s turnkey communication systems to China while Japanese companies are delivering laser diodes.  As I mentioned, E-Tek/JDS Uniphase, along with Oplink, Avanex, and NewFocus, have started production of passive fiber optic components in China.  Sooner or later, China can manufacture these low-cost passive components such as coupler, isolators, and circulators themselves.  The main opportunities in China, with export approval, will be test instruments, CATV equipment, active components, and turnkey systems.

"Scalable EDFAs simplify metro design", WDM Solutions Magazine, July 2002

  • Scalable EDFAs simplify metro design

    Author: J.J. Pan, Joy Jiang, Xiangdong Qiu, Kejian Guan
    Publication: Printed in WDM Solution magazine, July 2002, pp.15-19
    Abstract: Elimination of gain-flattening filters and pump-laser coolers makes the narrowband EDFA practical as an amplification solution for metro applications. With fewer components than the wideband EDFA, the narrowband EDFA offers a more compact, cost-effective design.