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Handheld Wavelength and Power Meter ( LW 1041a)

The j2waves Handheld Wavelength and Power Meter (HWPM) measures both wavelengths and optical power of optical signals. The instrument can be used to measure wavelengths of lasers from 1260 to 1620 nm. It is an economical, accurate, and easy-to-use handheld unit. The HWPM is suitable for testing single-mode ** optical systems. It is also ideal for FTTx, WDM PON tests. The unit is designed to operate in the rough fiber cable installation and maintenance environments.

In addition to precise measurements of optical wavelengths and power, the HWPM is loaded with features, such as log / linear display modes, auto ranging, user calibration, and reference measurement. It also comes with Ligthwaves2020's advanced control and monitoring GUI software.

Datasheet (PDF): LW1041a


  • Sleek and lightweight

  • Embedded with pocket PC

  • Multi-functional: power meter, optical attenuator, automatic power level control, and automatic attenuation sweep

  • Sophisticated data management: processing data in different formats, graphing, and data transmission

  • High accuracy and sensitivity

  • RoHS compliant


  • Transceiver optical performance test

  • Transmission Commissioning

  • System Acceptance Testing

  • Provision of Auto Level Control

  • Field, Manufacture and R&D

  • Quality Assurance