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Optical Channel Monitor

Lightwaves2020’s Optical Channel Monitor (OCM) is an innovative and compact integrated module with multiple functions: optical channel monitor, optical performance monitor, optical wavelength meter, and DWDM spectrum analyzer.
The OCM, with Lightwaves2020’s proprietary optical thin film technology and micro optics along with high speed electronics and advanced algorithm in signal processing, scans the wavelength range of C-, L- or C+L bands sequentially and provides accurate real-time and non-intrusive measurement or monitoring of optical channel power and wavelength with large dynamic range at ITU grids of 100GHz or 50GHz. Lightwaves2020’s OCM, which has passed related Telcordia tests, is highly reliable. Compared with products by other suppliers, the OCM features compact size and low cost, and is capable of measuring/monitoring multiple lines simultaneously. Definitely, Lightwaves2020’s high performance OCM is your best solution in DWDM network monitoring and other applications.

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  • 50GHz or 100GHz ITU grids, C-band, L-band or C+L bands

  • High adjacent channel isolation

  • Excellent temperature stability

  • Single port or multiple (2 to 4) port monitoring

  • High accuracy in power and

  • wavelength measurements

  • Large dynamic range in power

  • monitoring


  • Real-time optical performance or channel monitoring of DWDM

  • networks

  • Optical add/drop monitoring and diagnostics

  • Optical power or OSNR monitoringfor gain equalization in DWDM networks

  • Real-time system error warning and alarming