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Mini Inline Wavelength and Power Monitor

Lightwaves2020 Inc.’s Compact Inline Optical Wavelength and Power Monitor is a physical layer inline monitoring device which enables real time monitoring and tracking of the optical wavelength and power of an optical
system and/or a network link. Based on our proprietary thin film technologies and vertical integration capabilities, the monitor is designed to have unique remote functions as well. It can be used to monitor, report and managethe optical data and alarms through the 802.3 Ethernet LAN.

Download Datasheet (PDF)


  • Real time power monitoring

  • Precise wavelength measurement

  • Wide dynamic range

  • Inline and network ready

  • Remote data storge/reporting

  • 10/100 base Eithernet interface


  • On-site service

  • Network system installation

  • FTTx testing

  • Network segment monitoring

  • CATV

  • Manufacturing