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Mini Inline Optical Power Monitor with LCD display

Lightwaves2020’s Inline Optical Power Monitor (IOPM) combines compact single-channel
Miniature Tap Optical Power Monitor (MOPM) with state-of-the-art control electronics and
firmware within a small-form factor package to offer real-time monitoring and remote measurement of optical power on light path, and provide collection of optical power variation information and trigger the alarm when the optical power level are less or larger than certain threshold. The real-time monitoring information can be accessed via RS232 interface or directly via analog voltage value. The monitor includes a digital LCD display. Covering the operating wavelength range from 1525 to 1615nm, the IOPM offers excellent optical and electrical performance, including low dark current, low excess insertion loss, low wavelengthand polarization dependence, wide dynamic optical power range and ultra flat power response over a wide wavelength range. IOPM simplifies the demanding applications in optical systems and networks. In addition to be used in telecommunication network monitoring, this intelligent Mini Inline Optical Power Monitor can be used in special


  • Sleek and lightweight

  • Embedded with pocket PC

  • Multi-functional: power meter, optical attenuator, automatic power level control, and automatic attenuation sweep

  • Sophisticated data management: processing data in different formats, graphing, and data transmission

  • High accuracy and sensitivity

  • RoHS compliant


  • Transceiver optical performance test

  • Transmission Commissioning

  • System Acceptance Testing

  • Provision of Auto Level Control

  • Field, Manufacture and R&D

  • Quality Assurance