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10/01 -- "Lightwaves 2020 Offers a Full Line of PM Fiber Components"

Lightwaves 2020 Offers a Full Line of PM Fiber Components

MILPITAS, CA, October 1, 2002 - Lightwaves2020, an innovative leader in the design and manufacture of fiber optic components, announces today that it starts offering a full line of Micro-Optics based PM fiber components including PM miniature optical power monitors (MOPM), PM variable optical attenuators (VOA), PM power combiners and PM couplers.

PM fiber components find many applications in fiber optic systems. Inserted between DFB laser and E/O modulator, a PM MOPM can monitor the laser's output power while a PM tap coupler can work together with an external wavelength locker to maintain laser's wavelength stability. As a key component in Raman and Erbium Doped Fiber Amplifiers, a PM power combiner can combine power of two pump lasers to booster amplifier's output power. Used in the PM fiber system, the PM coupler can split power at any given splitting ratio while the PM VOA can provide power management needed to the system.

About Lightwaves 2020
Lightwaves2020 was founded by optical technology pioneer J.J. Pan to meet the increasing demand for innovative, high performance, and low cost fiberoptic components and subsystems. Drawing on the experience and expertise of a highly talented team of engineers and scientists, Lightwaves2020 is developing and manufacturing a full range of integrated optical solutions, including intelligent WDM modules, VOAs, fiber lasers, low-cost EDFAs, DWDMs, OADMs and optical power monitors.

Looking towards the future, Lightwaves2020's integration platform provides a solid foundation for creating the breakthrough products and technologies of tomorrow and offering a broad array of technology choices, integrated, multifunctional devices and custom integration solutions to its customers.

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