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01/30 -- "Laser Welded Liquid Crystal VOA Provides Better Robust Performance and Reliability"

Laser Welded Liquid Crystal VOA Provides Better Robust Performance and Reliability

Milpitas, CA, January 30, 2004 - Lightwaves2020, Inc. is proud to announce the modification of its LC-based VOA by implementing the laser-welding technology for device packaging.

The redesigned component has successfully passed GR-1221/1209 CORE requalification tests validating the stability of product performance. Laser welding technology is preferred for its outstanding advantages of low heat input, small heat affected zone, low distortion rate and high welding speed.

This newly modified design will provide our product users simplicity and better accuracy to path alignment. For detailed information regarding this product, please refer to:

About Lightwaves 2020
Lightwaves2020 was founded by optical technology pioneer J.J. Pan to meet the increasing demand for innovative, high performance, and low cost fiberoptic components and subsystems. Drawing on the experience and expertise of a highly talented team of engineers and scientists, Lightwaves2020 is developing and manufacturing a full range of integrated optical solutions, including intelligent WDM modules, VOAs, fiber lasers, low-cost EDFAs, DWDMs, OADMs and optical power monitors.

Looking towards the future, Lightwaves2020's integration platform provides a solid foundation for creating the breakthrough products and technologies of tomorrow and offering a broad array of technology choices, integrated, multifunctional devices and custom integration solutions to its customers.

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